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Interdesign Soap Dispenser Caddy

The interdesign caddy soap dispenser is perfect for your interdesign roo kitchen. This stapler-based soap dispenser/screwdriver is perfect for organizing and dispensing your interdesign roo soap. The caddy soap dispenser is made of high-quality plastic and has a black color. It is easy to clean and features a white caddy for containing your soap.

Soap Pump Dispenser  Glass Clear & Matte Black Caddy, 2 Piec

Top 10 Interdesign Soap Dispenser Caddy Features

This is a great value for your kitchen! The interdesign caddy soap dispenser will make your life much easier. This caddy has two parts that are made of glass and black matte black. The part that is the top has a spout that allows you to reach your soappump easily. The part that is the bottom has a small amount of suction that will hold the soap pump gently. This caddy is small enough to fit in a small kitchen and will help keep your soap pump clean and free of clutter.
this is a great addition to any kitchen! The idesign acrylic soap pump with caddy dispenser with storage compartment is perfect for keeping so many things organized and organized! With this dispenser, you'll have a much more stable hand when making soap dishes or decided on a soap product.
this is a great value for your kitchen! The interdesign vella plastic soap pump with caddy 30630 is perfect for dispensing your favorite soaps. The pump is easy to use and makes life into the soapy way too easy.